Thursday, 21 March 2013

Durance RPG - Blog Play - 02 Colonial Record

OK First things first, lets check on that revised planetary survey, place was sounding nice in the last post.

The climate of RFS 617 is hot and wet, averaging 35 °C with torrential downpours. All our crops were either washed away or trampled during seasonal migrations of native life on a massive scale. There are intelligent natives and they also bring us only trouble. We all want to be cool and dry, just once.

Plus some optional details we might use to beef things out:

1. A vine-covered fort out by the Big Kill
2. A herd of spin-tails that covers ten square kilometers
3. A marine gang called The Huntsmen provide… varied “indigenous protein sources”
4. An aggressive bacteria strain lurks in the natives
5. Deep beneath the surface of the planet there is an advanced civilization
6. Rotting uniforms falling off emaciated shoulders

O...k... Well I'm sure we can live with that, well briefly anyway. What matters is that we have a nice colony with which to hide from the elements. So lets check that colonial record.

So our colony is New Launceston

Lets see what the authorities have to say about the place:
New Launceston exists in name only. In reality the colony consists of filthy shacks scattered over a hundred square kilometers, each housing only a few lags busy with cottage industry. Authority is necessarily mobile, and the force of law is only truly in effect when Authority is in sight. When Authority is not, angry and disaffected Lags plot and scheme.
A wretched hive of scum and villainy then?

Best check what the convicts have to say about the place:
So much open space! So much freedom we have! In our shacks we rule ourselves and work according to our talents, producing all that we need. It is a beautiful freedom indeed, until Authority sends in a flying squad of marines to put their laws on us and take what we have made. It is an awful life, a life of fear, and we no longer have a taste for it in truth. We would change it if we could, and some say we can.
..and some more optional details we could use:
1. Corporal Terey Adall, who longs for peace and freedom
2. A plastic tube, long as an arm, stuffed with explosives
3. A misplaced Authority route schedule
4. A sealed off room with a human outline on the floor and a tuning fork resting nearby
5. Recreational drugs hacked into unpleasant performance-enhancers
6. Settlement Eight, silently waiting for Authority to arrive
OK any ideas as to how this society works, and just any other ideas at all can go in the comments.

But next up we have to decide what drives the society. There are two drives already, consisting of Savagery and Servility, we have to decide a third.

Choose ones to cross off from the following list.
  • Control
  • Harmony
  • Status
  • Indulgence
  • Safety
  • Freedom
Order of play is: Rebecca > Matt > David > Jay > Karl

which should leave us with one more drive.


Karl Walsh said...

Ok... so this isn't the utopia that was in the brochures but heck... it's not like we had a choice coming here (?) Prisoners are sent here, authority will be stationed here - I'm guessing there would not have been a veto!

So, it get's a bit wet and the natives a bit cliquey - point of fact these natives are we sure it's all of us they don't like or just the guys carrying the guns? The enemy of my enemy is my friend... something to ponder on later perhaps!

Personally I want to find this advanced civilisation... could be a way for us to improve our situation, besides it's underground so it should be cooler and dryer - how can that possibly be a bad thing ;-)

Maybe the indigenous population could point the way - could be their way of observing this influx of bizarre humans (scouts or some such) - what if we're the new entertainment?

As a prisoner I want to have the better situation, in any way! If I'm part of authority I want to get off this wet hell hole - perhaps there are hidden "cities of gold" - man could make a name for himself if he were to even help make first contact - we know how it went for Zefram Cochrane.

Karl Walsh said...

Sunday afternoon / evening spent at the Fugills - fabulous!

However I managed to get choices from both Rebecca & Matt - Rebecca chose to remove harmony from the list, Matt didn't appear to like safety as a drive!

What the neck we only live once eh!

David Trapmore said...

I will remove indulgence, in trying to resist buying City of Remnants, so removing indulgence from my life may help my resolve

Jay said...

OK meant to do this last night, but I shall remove freedom!

I am currently rereading 1984, so that may have had an unconscious effect on my choice.

"War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength."


Karl Walsh said...

I don't like the idea of "control" - who controls who? Therefore that's my choice!

I guess that means our last drive is "status".

Over to you Jay - what's next mate?