Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello World!

Thought I may as well get the ball rolling with the obligatory first post.

So if you find yourself reading this you are either a member of our little gaming group, more recently known as the "Finely Diced Gamers", or you are hopelessly lost in the internet and have stumbled upon our very tiny corner of it. I'm not going to promise you'll find anything other than the random ramblings of five gamers, but who knows, stick around and maybe one of us will bang our fists against the keyboard long enough for something worth reading to emerge.

So what do we play? Well almost anything really....lots of strategy board games, card games, hopefully some miniatures and RPGs soon, though some of our group have previous form where miniatures are concerned, video and computer games...just gaming really.

I'm Jay, I'll let others introduce themselves if they feel like it. I've been back into the hobby for pretty much two years, after a very long gap back to the old Games Workshop days. I'm slightly obsessed with game mechanics, to the point where I play quite a few games solitaire just to see how the mechanics tie together, though there are now quite a few I play just because I enjoy them. I am probably alone in the group in having an interest in historical conflict simulation type games, maybe I'll post a little about those at some point.

Anyway, that's enough of an introduction for me. It just happens to be my birthday today, which seemed like a good place to start. I'm hoping that a copy of Thunderbolt Apache Leader will be turning up later, as I managed to snag a cheap copy from Boardgamegeek as a birthday present, so I'll be enjoying that once everyone else is in bed tonight.