Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kickstarter - Ares Magazine

Got to give a very quick pimp for the new Ares Magazine Kickstarter. There's nothing much like this being published any more, outside of the historical wargaming magazines which come with a game like Strategy & Tactics. If they can make it work in that niche market, I think there may be a way to make it work for science fiction, though I imagine it'll be the game that sells the magazine rather than the short fiction.

I'm still a huge fan of short fiction magazines, buy some of the few that are still published and I collect some of the old ones when I find them. I know I'm in the minority though, so many of the short fiction magazines have gone out of business and the remaining ones don't have enormous subscription numbers from what I have read.

I  hope it succeeds because I'd like to see lots of issues.

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