Sunday, 24 February 2013

So what do we want to do today... personally I think trying to take over the world is aiming a bit too high ;-)

Hello from me, my first attempt at writing a blog.

Like Jay has written, welcome to those finding this the blog page of the Finely Diced Gamers!
I've always been interested in wargames and miniature gaming - having started out on the Games Workshop (GW) path as a younger man. Due to necessity (I got married and now have two fabulous children), I have now sold the majority of my GW collection - allowing me to try other hobbies - I have only recently started playing boardgames and I just love them.  I like the fact that you buy a boardgame and it is a completely self contained unit - everything that you require for the game to be played can be found in the box - definitely makes things easier.

At the moment there are five Finely Diced Gamers - Jay has made his introduction and this is mine, our plan is that others will want to join / will be invited to join us and contribute on this blog page.  At the moment the five of us meet up once or twice a week, meeting up at one another's houses, typically sharing a meal and then enjoying a game from our collections.  Some of us have more games than others but that just means the games we get to play are varied and the same game will not be brought to the table too frequently.

The Finely Diced Gamers play different type of games, from card games to worker placement games.  We don't mind playing the thematic Ameritrash games all the way through to the more structured EuroGames.  If you want to bring a miniatures / wargame  that wouldn't be a problem either, we've even talked about bringing RPG's to the table - there are definite plans afoot for the near future.  To put it simply - we'll play almost anything!

What we want to do is create a group for gamers who share a passion for board-games and come together as friends.  We realise everyone has different amounts of time available and we're not expecting a commitment to attend everything that we organise.  Point of fact as a group we're going to the UK Games Expo (held in Birmingham), organised for May - some of us (Jay & myself) will be staying at the venue for the entire weekend, whilst others will be attending as a day trip; the intention is that we will meet and enjoy this event as a group of friends.

Another of our plans for the future includes the organising of competitions for an increased membership - using game systems that we'll all have access to - the Abstract game called HIVE is currently highlighted for this particular task since it lends itself to a tournament style event.

So come and check back here regularly - we'll have some more content for you to peruse!

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